Notorious suspect nabbed on Ondo gruesome youth killings.

Another suspect has been arrested in Ondo by the members of the ODC Peace and Safety Corps on Monday 26th July, 2021. The suspect popularly known as Isaiah was arrested with a pistol and bullets. Security operative have been on the trail of Isaiah and his cohorts since the killing of one Seun Akinsiku popularly known as sewen and another Seto Ogunye on Friday 23rd of July. After the friday killings, another youth was killed on Sunday 25th in New Town area of Ondo in similar fashion. Security men at the Ondo Civic Center were also attacked by a group of three youths who came with guns. The group came in the early hours of Monday 26th using a motorcycle. Isaiah confessed to be among the group that came to attack the security men at the Civic Center. They wanted to go and attack the men of the ODC Peace and Safety Corps who have their secretariat at the Civic Center but the security men at the gate did not allow them entry into the premises. The ODC Peace and Safety Corps and other security operatives have been on the trail of everyone suspected to be involved in the Friday killings. Some suspects were earlier arrested and after interrogation alongside with the Amotekun team in Ondo they were handed over to the Police. The suspects earlier arrested were Femi Adeoba, known as FM, Ope, Dele, Lasco and Ola. Isaiah was later picked and search made on his house. Bullets found on him were the same that were found at the site where the youth was killed in Newtown on Sunday, and the same that was used to kill Seun Akinsiku on Friday. He said he came in company of one AZ and another Segun with guns in search of the members of the members of the ODC Peace and Safety Corps in the morning and the attacked the security men at the gate but were unable to gain entrance. He confessed to be into the business of illicit drug sales. After interrogation, by the ODC Peace and Safety Corps, The leadership of the Ondo Ekimogun Youth Congress and the Police at the Civic Center, he was handed over to the Police. The Police officers invited, on sighting Isaiah after arrest by the Peace and Safety Corps affirmed that they have been searching for him since January for an armed robbery case where he, together with two others collected #350,000 at gun point from a merchant. Isaiah said his colleagues may be on the run if they know that he has been arrested. Investigation and searches are on going to apprehend the remaining suspects.

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This is armed robber. Notorious

Fola coolio (28-07-2021)

Let osemawe make them a scape goat,

Fola coolio (28-07-2021)

Newa is the best... I'm happy to hear this

Seun adewale (28-07-2021)

This is serious

Joy iluyemi (27-07-2021)